Does Your Building Speak Your Language?

 HVAC system control, energy management, lighting control, key card access management and camera systems can be managed from single WEB enabled access point. Data from one system can be easily shared and utilized with another system. For example, key card occupancy data can turn on lights, activate cameras and change comfort set-points. Device to enterprise synergies that were not achievable or prohibitively expensive in the past are now affordable and easy to implement. Your facility is a tool and your goal is to maximize the functionality and efficiency of this tool, we can help you achieve this goal.

Services & Maintenance


Point to Point Systems offers a variety of services including HVAC automation, design/build and design assistance, building systems integration, commissioning, retro commissioning, start up, and scheduled maintenance.



Point to Point Systems specializes in Niagara, Carrier, and Mitsubishi based systems.

P2P Advantage


Point to Point Systems does not install systems that are proprietary nor exclusive. We never withhold documentation nor information from our customers. We will earn your business; we do not hold your building systems hostage for ongoing installation work.